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I'm a self-taught artist and stay entertained and energized by working in different mediums. My first love was found-object sculptures, which I focused on for the first 7 years of my career. While I still enjoy making sculptures and shadow boxes, I now spend more of my time drawing and painting.

I've described my work as "world building and monster making." If you take a look at some of my stuff and you'll probably agree. When  I was a kid I watched horror and science fiction reruns and read H.P. Lovecraft compilations. I'm still drawn to dark, imaginative themes to this day. I don't think I've ever created a painting without some sort of creature in it. 

My sweet spot is mixed-media on paper of all kinds, including old book covers and vintage papers. I also love adding collage elements to my work. It's easy to come up with strange imagery without the risk of ruining the piece. Nothing is definite until the glue is applied! I often cut up paintings that I didn't finish for one reason or another and use these pieces as part of a new scene. I love the freedom and the surprising results you can get. 

Working with digital collage takes this freedom to an even higher level. Every piece I've ever created and photographed can be reused as part of a new world. 

With a final note, I mention my collection of weird little toys and charms. I've been collecting for years, and some of these oddities have become my muses. Take a look at my toy blog if you are curious.

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